A Mj Castles Wedding

Posted By: Mj Castles | Posted Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A MJ Castles Wedding

Every month we take our rodeo bull, chocolate fountain, bouncy castles etc to weddings all throughout Liverpool, Merseyside and the North West. It never occured to me what kind of items I personally would like at my own wedding. Not until a 8 weeks  ago that was. Myself and my partner decided to take all of our own equipment to our wedding for the evening reception at the Leasowe Castle in the Wirral. We took along the rodeo bull, a huge bouncy castle and the delicious chocolate fountain. Our amazing photographers took some brilliant pictures of the equipment - see below for some. 

Some brides and grooms to-be wouldn't think to hire a rodeo bull for their wedding. It's certainly not something you see everyday. But what a fantastic idea it is to bring everyone together and have a great laugh. Weather it be outdoors or indoors, the equipment can go anywhere! Even if it's raining we'll provide a free inflatable shelter. Wearing a wedding dress is no excuse either - we've had many brides climb on to the bull. It also gives another oppotunity for some fantastic pictures or videography. Our bucking bronco is the very latest one on the market with built-in CCTV, Best/Current Time Display and has so many safety features including a Auto-Rider Cut Off.  The other item we brought along was our chocolate fountain. See it in action in the pictures below. Lasty, we took not just any bouncy castle along but the biggest we own to keep all the children occupied. If you have some children coming to your wedding and you don't want them running around, then consider hiring a bouncy castle to keep them entertained for a while!


A Mj Castles Wedding
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