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The Gladiator Duel is a brilliant addition to any bouncy castle hire that is great for highly competitive adults, overly energetic children, or simply for participants and spectators to have a good laugh.

It was inspired by the old TV program that ran from 1992 until 2000 called “Gladiators” where two contenders would stand on a podium, swinging giant pugil sticks, in the hope that they would not be first to be knocked off. These sticks, however, are foam filled and padded so as not to cause any harm to the contenders as they try their best jousting to unbalance each other. This is made even more difficult when often they will simply fall off of the wobbly podiums laughing at each other’s antics.

Gladiator Duel is one of the most entertaining games to both participate in and to watch, and perfect for any event or gathering, from fun children’s birthday parties to battling colleagues at a corporate event.

Make it a team event, or simply have individual challengers duelling head-to-head, so you can ensure everyone gets a chance to take part. You could have the rule that once a guest is knocked off three times then they are out. You can make it more special by adding some prize for the champion(s) who are crowned victorious at the end.

There are of course a few safety rules to follow to ensure that nobody gets hurt. A padded safety hat must be worn for protection and there is no hitting to the face. But, really this game is safe for players of all ages and the real object is to catch your opponent off balance on their podium, to get them to fall off into the bouncy platform below.

Gladiator Duel is fine to hire by itself, or with any number of other bouncy castles and attractions. Everything is set up ready for you, together with any safety checks and instructions to keep things running smoothly, so all you need to worry about is to prevent yourself falling about with laughter, until we collect it all up at the end. Just make sure that you look at the specifications for the Gladiator Duel to ensure you have enough space for it at your planned location and leave the rest to us.

If you need any of your questions answered on the Gladiator Duel, or on any part of the services we offer then we have a choice in how you can contact us. There is a Contact Form where you can type in your query, or if you prefer you can just email us at As soon as we pick up either we will respond back to you and confirm your booking with you.

If you just want to order your Gladiator Duel right away then use the ordering system, and we will book you in.

We are keen that you get the best out of your Gladiator Duel hire and that everyone has an unforgettable time participating with it.



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