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Often, bouncy castles are used outside where there is plenty of space and are part of events with a number of other functions happening on the same day. However, there are times when this is not quite possible, or simply not preferable.

At MJ Castles, you have the option of choosing between a number of indoors bouncy castles to entertain your guests. We know of many reasons why this might happen and here are a few of the common ones:

 •     Keeping an eye on the kids – Sometimes holding a function where you know there are many small children running around, it can be quite a worry thinking about how you might keep an eye on them all. In a space where they can run off and have an impromptu adventure then you need to monitor them all the time. This is where it becomes easier with a bouncy castle indoors, where they are all safely close by and have the advantage, usually, of quick and easy access to the toilets, or changing facilities, whenever they need them.

•   The inclement British weather – We get used to our weather changing all the time, but it never helps when you are planning an event that can cover a day or more in the future. You can always check the weather forecast and how it might affect your event with a call, the link on this website,  or post to us ahead of the event, but you can remove that concern completely. With an indoor bouncy castle, you don’t need to worry about it being too hot or cold for the children, they will be completely comfortable inside. Also, you never need to worry about if the rain will wash out your event, or the winds making it unsafe.

•    An existing function that is indoors – You might have a regular function at a large village hall, community centre, school assembly hall, nursery or church, that is traditionally held inside. Then there is no need to think about pushing people outdoors in this situation. If you have the space for a bouncy castle inside, then this is the ideal solution.

•    Fully themed parties – Having a birthday party, or celebration, that is fully themed with lots of other decorations, then you can choose a bouncy castle to fit in with it. It is much easier to theme an indoors party than one spread all about outdoors.

•    Noisy parties in a sensitive area – Many private functions might come up against this, planning a party that is within a residential area might be a concern. By having a bouncy castle indoors then you can keep a tight rein over the volume heard outside and not worry about any dance parties or discos.

•   Outside surface is a bit of a problem – If you are in a location that has sloping or very rough surfaces then hosting anything inflatable might be a safety concern. Or worse, especially in a new build area with any sharp stones, or overhanging trees and encroaching shrubbery, this might actually cause damage by puncturing the bouncy castle. Also, if the area outside is fully concreted, then there may be a problem with not being to stake the bouncy castle down, where in extreme cases holes may need to be drilled to anchor the bouncy castle safely. An indoors bouncy castle removes the issues completely, where these are generally secured with sand bags to make sure your guests are safe.

There is only one thing that you need to check on top of what you would normally do with an outdoors bouncy castle, the height of the ceiling. Just make sure you have enough space around the bouncy castle for access and any accessories needed, and that you have enough space above it, by checking the details for the bouncy castle you choose below.

If you know what you want already – then secure your indoors bouncy castle now using our online booking form.

Or, if you have any questions that are not covered here then email or type it into the contact form.

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