Bouncy Castle Hire Liverpool And... Leeds?!

Posted By: Mj Castles | Posted Date: Friday, February 11, 2011

Bouncy Castle Hire Liverpool and... Leeds?!

It turns out that not only does MJ Castles hire bouncy castles to Liverpool but we also hire them to Leeds too. Although not advertised, we had a call last week asking 'what it would take' to get a bouncy castle to Leeds. Apparently this gentlemens' daughter absolutely loved our Toy Story bouncy castle and they couldn't find anyone closer with a similar bouncy castle. Of course they couldnt - we designed that Toy Story ourselves! We set a price to do the job and the customer bit our hands off.

The booking was on a Saturday, our busiest day of course. To prevent any disturbance to our local bookings, we set off at 4:30am with the aim to get to Leeds at 6:00am. On arrival (or at least we thought it was the arrival) of the customers home, we found ourselves knocking for over 15 minutes at an house with no answer. It was the wrong address believe it or not. Thankfully nobody answered! Back in our car and 30 seconds up the road, we had arrived.

We ended up getting back around 7:30am and was finished doing all the local drop-offs by 10:30am.

Bouncy Castle Hire Liverpool And... Leeds?!
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