Expected Hot List Of 2011

Posted By: Mj Castles | Posted Date: Thursday, May 19, 2011

Expected Hot List of 2011

In 2011 we are expecting the following bouncy castles to do really well...

1: Toy Story 12x15 - To continue from where it left off in 2010. We are anticipating Toy Story to still be a hit with your kids!

2: Hello Kitty 12x15 - Again, having a good season last year, Hello Kitty is continuously growing in popularity.
3: Pirate 21x15 - Pirates have always been popular with both boys and girls. Why not throw a pirate themed party next and hire our pirate bouncy castle. We are awaiting delivery of another Pirate castle so keep a watch our captain!
3: Handy Manny 12x15 - If you've been to a toy shop lately, you'll have seen stacks of Handy Manny toys. We've taken the plunge and are the first in the COUNTRY to purchase a Handy Manny bouncy castle. Check it out in the Childrens section on the left.

Expected Hot List Of 2011
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