Mj Castles Hot List Of 2010

Posted By: Mj Castles | Posted Date: Thursday, March 31, 2011

MJ Castles Hot List of 2010

Which castles were the HOTTEST of 2010... After adding up all our bookings we have a winner followed by an extremely close second.

1: Toy Story 12x15 - It is of course our Toy Story bouncy castles. With the release of the new film, this bouncy castle is extremely popular. We were having to turn away tens of bookings each week for this castle. It prompted us to add a second Toy Story bouncy castle but in the form of a Combo (Bouncy Castle with Slide).. which again, was incredibly popular!

2: Hello Kitty 12x15 - A very close 2nd goes to the cute Hello Kitty bouncy castle. Almost every young girls favourite cartoon.

Here's a picture of the two castles together at a party last week. Remember if you book two bouncy castles at the same time, we will always give a discount!

Mj Castles Hot List Of 2010
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