The Cheapest Bouncy Castle Hire Fees

Posted By: Mj Castles | Posted Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Cheapest Bouncy Castle Hire Fees

The cheapest bouncy castle hire in Liverpool, Wirral, Warrington, Runcorn, Widnes, St Helens and so on... How? As a family run business, our overheads are significantly lower than many other companies. We don’t have 4 vans and 8 employees to pay!

Unlike many other cities and town across the country, Liverpool is extremely competitive for bouncy castle hire. Out of Liverpool, the same bouncy castles as MJ Castles are quite often seen at double the hire fee.

Here are just some of the methods which enable us to offer you fantastic prices without compromising on the level of service or the quality of our bouncy castles...

We are using cars and not vans. Although vans are a fantastic marketing tool and obviously a great asset, we will not invest in a van until it’s an absolute necessity. With using cars instead of vans, it saves us the additional servicing, tax, insurance, maintenance, fuel and so on.

All our web designing and SEO is done by ourselves. We do not outsource any work.

We only buy quality bouncy castles made by reputable UK manufacturers using the best quality PVC. This saves us all the repair costs in the future!

The MJ Castles staff are all family. We therefore don’t have six, seven or eight employees to pay and insure.

Our bouncy castles are not stored in an expensive unit.
MJ Castles Promise: If you find anyone in Merseyside offering a bouncy castle on a like-to-like basis cheaper, contact us and we’ll beat it. Simple!


The Cheapest Bouncy Castle Hire Fees
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