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Adult Sumo Suits

Can you think of anything more fun than sumo wrestling? We certainly can’t! The good news is that you don’t have to be Japanese - or weigh thrice what you do now - to enjoy this game. With our Adult Sumo Suits, all you need to do is wear them, find an opponent, and fight like you never have before!

Your guests will surely have a ball laughing whether they’re wrestling, or just watching. This will be the highlight of your party, there is no doubt about that. Place the sumo circle at the center of the venue and watch as your party becomes an instant hit. Your guests will talk about your sumo wrestling feature for weeks after the party is done. Those who didn’t come to your party will regret it after hearing about this game!

Don’t worry about getting hurt - the suits are completely safe to use. They are equipped with safety gear, neck braces, and helmets that are all padded. The circle mat is also padded so you won’t feel a thing, even if you happen to lose.

For just £75, you can enjoy a game of sumo wrestling with friends. Find out more about ordering by leaving a message on our Contact page. You can also send an email, or call us for more information.

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