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Garden Games Giant Connect 4

A great party requires more than just good food and refreshments. You also have to provide entertainment, whether it's in the form of a performance or by playing games. If you aren’t the singer-dancer type, then you better stick to garden games. Our new Giant Connect 4 is the perfect one for you. It’s suitable for ALL ages, and can give you the right balance of relaxed outdoor fun and friendly competition.

Surely, your guests will start out “innocently” participating in the connect-the-dots game, but be warned! Soon enough, it’ll turn into a huge competition, and before the party is finished you’ll be crowning the Giant Connect 4 Champ.

This sounds like tons of fun - because it is! You can have this for parties of all kinds: Sunday barbecues, birthdays, promotions, christenings, graduations, and more. As long as there are people gathering together for a fun time, then this game is the right fit. For just £15, you can have this to entertain your friends and family!

We also carry other garden games for your celebrations. Find out more about them by sending us an email, or giving us a call. You can also fill out our online Contact Us form at your convenience.

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